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2" Dia x 2" Briquette Dual 8" Main Press Cylinder Bore


Approx 285 LBS./ Hr (Nickel chip sample) Available Total Force: 126 tons. Maximum Pump Pressure: 5,000 psi. Maximum Face Pressure: 62,000 psi. 20HP 3/60/480V Volt Electric Motor Features: Heavy-duty structural tubing frames. Allen Bradley™ PLCs with option of Siemens Controls. Parker Hannifin™ valves and pumps. Steel chutes or take-away conveyors. Large capacity hoppers. Integrated fluid collection and pumping. Discharge Conveyor 12” wide x 9.5’ long perforated steel belt conveyor. This conveyor is designed to take-away pucks from the briquetter. DIMENSIONS: Belt Width: 304.8 mm Belt Length: 2.87 M measured along belt path Lower Horizontal .3 M Elevation of Conveyor: Inclined at 60 degrees Discharge Height: 1.75 M CONSTRUCTION: All steel custom unit fabrication FRAME: Sub-Frame: Fabricated formed channel Height of Sides: 50.8 mm5= high sides straight up at 90 degrees This conveyor to be supplied with heavy duty gussets on outside of conveyor for added strength and cross bracing inside of conveyor. Extra heavy-duty tail plates for tail shaft, bearings, and extra heavy-duty head plates for head shaft and bearings. PULLEYS: Head Pulley: To be supplied with XT hubs and bushings Head Shaft: Fabricated out of C1045 steel Tail Pulley: To be Self-Cleaning Wing Style Tail Shaft: Fabricated out of C1045 steel BELTING: 57.15 mm pitch Steel Belting with pimpled/perforated pans w/cleats @ 317.5 mm centers DRIVE: 1/2 HP 1800 RPM electric motor, 230/460 volts, 3 phase – 60 hertz, TEFC with a s.f., gear reducer and drive guard *Alan Ross Machinery Corp. is an authorized ARS dealer offering factory-direct pricing.

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Model 600 RST Dual Press Puck Briquetter

Model 600 RST Dual Press Puck Briquetter