Our Services

Alan Ross Machinery Corporation features North America's largest selection of used and new scrap processing and recycling equipment. We own a large machinery inventory in Zion, IL (USA) and offer equipment sales, professional appraisals, plant-liquidations and equipment auctions. Over 60% of our business each year is repeat clients and our reach is global with customers in over 48 countries.

Our History

In 1952, Jerry Mandel founded Jerry Mandel Machinery after years of working in a family scrap processing business. In 1971, Alan Ross joined Jerry's company, and together they helped a nascent recycling industry transform into one of the world's largest and most essential industries. After Jerry's retirement in 1979, Alan continued his service to the recycling industry as Alan Ross Machinery. Today, our team of dedicated professionals continue Jerry and Alan's legacy of service to the recycling industry.

Our Affiliations

We are members of the MDNA (Machinery Dealers National Association). Alan Ross Machinery Corporation adheres to the highest ethical standards of the industries and associations of which we are a member.


Alan Ross Machinery is a frequent consultant for recycling, waste & scrap equipment valuations. We are retained by banks, insurance companies and investment banks to provide insight and expertise. 


Always at the forefront of business process & marketing technology, Alan Ross Machinery employs state-of-the-art machine learning, CRM, marketing automation and market discovery technologies to deliver results for our clients. 

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