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400-900 Lbs Per Hour Approximate Capacity Dual Fuel Burner


One Man Operation * Side Feed Unit Includes Probe & Data Logging Unit Large Feed & Rake Out Openings Takes Whole Transmissions, Motor Blocks, Pistons, Lawnmowers, Zinc Lead, Aluminum, Lead Cable, Die Cast Feed Opening: 23" x 35" Inside Chamber 27" x 37" x 50" Holds Over 500 Lbs Of Aluminum At A Time Burner Capacity: 750,000 - 1,000,000 BTU'S1/4" Steel Shell 4 1/2" Of Fire Brick Approximate Fuel Cost: 1 1/4 Cents Of Fuel To Generate Each Lb Of Ingot Wt. Rake Out Door: 27" x 11" 3000 Lbs Of Refractory Brick ( Extra Thick). Switch Power Control With Single Phase 110 Volt Motor. All Self-Contained on Steel Base Accessories: Two 500lb Sows, Two Rakes, 1 Plug

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AK 3500 Used Sweat Furnace W/Afterburner

AK 3500 Used Sweat Furnace W/Afterburner
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