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Model MAS DRD-18 DS PLC Controls


The MAS DRD 18 DS is a Dry cleaning system for post industrial and post consumer plastic waste streams. The technology is utilized to dry and clean Agricultural Film, Post industrial film, Shopping bags and other materials for the re-extrusion to plastic pellets, Washing without water conserves precious resources of water. The entire concept of the MAS DRD is based on heat and friction to remove all contaminates that can be removed by friction. Drying and cleaning in a single step WASHING WITHOUT WATER Save up to 50% in operating costs* No need for water permits* Simple operations, minimal maintenance Fully automated system Reduced investment* No need for water treatment* No waste water disposal costs* *Compared to traditional wet washing lines MAS DRD = A Sustainable Solution for Plastics Recycling The MAS dry cleaning technology for plastic is a modern and extremely economical alternative – or an optimal supplement – to conventional wet washing lines. Based on the tried-and-true DRD (Double Rotor Disc) technology, the plant combines the cleaning centrifuge with thermo-mechanical drying in OneStep. This special design allows for economic use in a wide range of applications: As a stand-alone drying and cleaning solution for a wide range of plastic film and fibers Downstream of a wet cleaning plant to improve the quality of the washed flake even further (for example, LLDPE stretch film) The Process After coarse shredding of the plastic waste, the dry cleaning unit is continually fed from the buffer silo with batches of up to 60 kg. The plastic material rotates in a cylindrical chamber, is engulfed in hot air and kept in suspension. Turbulence ensures an excellent drying effect (constant average moisture content of 2 %). At the same time, impurities such as sand, soil, paper or fibers are separated off by friction. The contaminants are continually discharged via tangential screens as part of the process. The whole process is fully automated and controlled by an easy to use PLC system. The required performance and retention time can be adjusted individually to reflect the moisture content and degree of contamination. Sensors stabilize the process in the event of fluctuating moisture content of the input material.

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Used MAS DRD Dry Cleaning System For Plastic

Used MAS DRD Dry Cleaning System For Plastic
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